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Offering Military Cultural Competence Trainings through Equine Assisted Learning: Come to us, or we can come to you.

“In April 2019, I attended the “Military Cultural Competence Training” led by Michelle Kaye of Operation Equine.  The workshop was very professionally conducted but what struck me the most was its practical application and the helpful ways it taught in supporting our military veterans. Being a military veteran myself, I was struck by Michelle’s sensitivity to the needs of veterans. She was not only there to encourage but [also] to learn from the experiences of those in the class.  Michelle was a good listener and encourager…There was a good balance between “hands-on” experience with our equine friends. The Equine Activities there were very helpful… as well as many pointers along the way.

This was a very exceptional workshop that I would recommend to anyone who desires to use equine therapy to encourage and support our veterans. You will not be sorry you attended.” - Wayne F., of Harmony Acres, Loma, CO

Many health care providers—mental health as well as physical health - want to utilize their highly-trained skills to give back to those who have served our communities and our country. The challenge that many well-intended care providers are running into is the realization that they could better serve this population with more understanding, in a culturally competent way.  The good news is: between Operation Equine and our partners, we provide relevant professional development training for working with both military veterans and first responders in a timely, affordable, and impactful way, leaving you with a better knowledge base and therefore increasing your confidence to serve, support, and help to heal those who have served and protected our country.

In addition, we understand that Compassion Fatigue (aka: burnout) is a real thing. Therapists, counselors, other health care professionals also need a place where they can decompress, take a “Mental Health Day,” find resources where they can rejuvenate and recharge. Please sign up and join us for a day with the horses where you can decompress, and take a day for your own healing and wellness!