Our Team


Michelle Kaye
MA, LPC, Founder & Executive Director of Operation Equine; EAGALA Certified Facilitator: Mental Health Specialist; MFLC; Staff Counselor for Project Sanctuary; TAPS Facilitator; MFLC (Military Family & Life Counselor) CONUS & OCONUS


Maj. Brad Gallup

Save a Warrior (SAW) Equine Facilitator; TAPS facilitator; Men’s Leadership Alliance (MLA) Facilitator; Transformative Coach and Equine Guided Educator for individuals, couples, and groups



Debra Plant
Founder of Mt. Moriah Stables; PATH Certified Equine Specialist & Equine Services for Heroes; Centered Riding Instructor; Military Mental Health First Aid Certified


Robert Plant
Business Advisor, Facilities Engineer, Engineer Extraordinaire, Consultant

Operation Equine is a team of experienced and dedicated professionals whose mission is to provide a safe haven for those who serve our communities, our country, and to all those who support and care for those individuals.  

Over the last 30 years, we have combined our experience in mental health, education, and group facilitation to work with adults, children, couples, families, groups, and businesses/organizations. Through this work we are confident in our ability to effectively facilitate and support our clients towards a happier and healthier way of being. With the assistance of our 4-legged co-therapists, we will nurture your ability to relate and heal together.

This is your space, this is your place, this was meant for you.
Let’s grow together.