Trained with Excellence. Served with Excellence. Our military service members and first responders have been trained with excellence as their standard: why wouldn’t we who serve them be trained with excellence, as well?

We offer military and first responder cultural competence training to any mental health provider or physical health provider (eg: nurses, physical therapists, bodyworkers, etc.) who wants to serve this population with more confidence in their knowledge and experience.  

These trainings are also available to businesses and organizations that hire and work with Veterans and former First Responders to better understand how to communicate with, manage, and inspire their employees.  


You’re not broken and don’t need fixing.  

Serving Individuals, couples, groups, families, and caregivers.  

At Operation Equine, counseling is different than the conventional mental health model. The horses are our co-therapists, and they relate with and respond to whomever is in front of them as a unique individual. They can give us insights about ourselves and each other that we might not fully receive in a traditional office setting.  We believe that mental health is inseparable from physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and we work with people through that perspective, with the invaluable wisdom of our 4-legged counselors.

Stay tuned for information regarding summer camps for kids in Summer 2019!


“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”
― Maya Angelou

Adults: It is essential to learn and understand more about ourselves, our challenges,  and our symptoms to be able to address and heal them. For instance: “PTS/D” is real, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. We can help you work towards PTG: Post-Traumatic Growth.  We can learn to understand where our struggles come from, why we are affected as we are, and what strategies and tools we can utilize to feel better and to relate in a more relaxed, compassionate, and clear manner with our loved ones and colleagues.  

Kids: It is also imperative that our children learn how to understand us better from a developmentally appropriate perspective. The more they can learn about feelings - ours as well as their own - the better they will be able to navigate not only their family systems but also their own friendships and relationships, especially in the educational setting.

Businesses/Organizations: Veterans and First Responders bring unique skills and talents to any business they work with.  Even with the best of intentions, civilian managers may not be able to recognize or draw upon those skills without culturally relevant Professional Development.